Homeopathy is a powerful form of medicine that when used correctly can make a significant difference in one’s health and wellbeing. Professionally, I have incorporated homeopathy into hundreds of treatment plans for both acute and chronic illnesses with great success. Personally, I have found my own healing with the use of homeopathy and so has my husband. Our personal experiences with homeopathy were so profound, that we asked our homeopathic doctor (who is also my homeopathy mentor) to officiate our wedding ceremony as we truly believe neither my husband nor I would be who we are today without homeopathy.


Homeopathy is an energy based medical therapy that improves your general level of health by strengthening the internal defense system. It is a powerful form of medicine that focuses completely on the individual rather than on a diagnosis. The individual’s unique physical, mental, and emotional characteristics are taken into account when prescribing the specific homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are formulated based on the principle that “like cures like” meaning that if the body is given what its suffering from, the body will naturally regain its state of health. Also, homeopathy is based on the minimal most effective dose. Homeopathy is considered energetic medicine since the substance used to make the remedy is diluted to such an extent that the energetics of the substance is all that remains. This minute dosage suffices to trigger a healing response without causing pain or debilitation so that the body can regain its strength to heal.

All homeopathic remedies are prepared from herbal, mineral, or animal substances that are regulated by the FDA and are made in accordance with Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Homeopathy is non-allergenic and has no known drug interactions making it a safe and effective for all ages!

Homeopathy is truly the medicine of individuality and therefore it has the ability to successfully treat every person and disease. This form of medicine has been proven for hundreds of years to be extremely effective in treating mental, emotional, or physical ailments as well as acute and chronic illness.


Samuel L. Hahnemann is the founder of homeopathy. He was a medical doctor who early in his career was unhappy with the state of medical practice because he felt that what he was taught was doing more harm than good for his patients. Therefore, he stopped practicing medicine and he started translating medical texts for a living. He was translating a section on Peruvian bark and he was struck by the similarity between the symptoms of poisoning from Peruvian bark (also known as cinchona, which quinine is derived) and the symptoms of malaria. He was intrigued because quinine was the ingredient in the medication used to TREAT malaria. It occurred to him that this similarity might not be coincidental but rather it might be the very basis of the medicine’s curative power – hence the “like cures like” principle of homeopathy. After that, Hahnemann conducted numerous experiments over several years and he concluded that any medicine could treat a particular disease if it is capable of producing symptoms in healthy individuals, which are similar to the disease symptoms in the sick. This is how “rubrics” of remedies were created in order to create the homeopathic Repertory and Materia Medica, which are the tools used by homeopaths around the world to prescribe the right remedy for an individual based on their presentation.


It is always recommended that you contact your child’s pediatrician for medical advice regarding any ailment. However, I find that having remedies at home can empower parents to help their children during mild acute illnesses or injuries while waiting to hear back from or waiting for an appointment with their pediatrician. Here are a few of my top choices to have on hand.


  • Favorite remedy for any acute physical trauma that results in bruising or soreness
  • I carry this remedy in my purse, car, and in my hiking backpack if needed for falls and minor injuries


  • Swelling with a burning sensation that is better with cold applications
  • Great for Bee Strings! ** This should not be used as a treatment for anaphylactic reactions to bee strings.


  • Diarrhea that is watery and offensive in order. Your child may complain of a burning sensation in their tummy but yet their symptoms are better with heat
  • Great remedy to use for symptoms of food poisoning


  • Remedy used for fevers. Belladonna may be indicated if your child is red, hot, restless, and not thirty.


  • Remedy used for burns and scalds


  • Sensitivity to pain that presents with irritability
  • My favorite remedy for TEETHING!


  • Sudden loss and grief
  • This is a very helpful remedy for those who have experienced the loss of a family member, friend, or pet


  • Persistent nausea and vomiting
  • Personal Story: A few years ago, I gave my dog, Ed, raw salmon as a treat without knowing that raw salmon is poisonous to dogs. Ed started to vomit all over the house. Once I realized my horrible mistake, I dosed him with IPECACUANHA and he stopped vomiting.


  • Used for skin symptoms that are red and swollen with intense itching. Symptoms may be worse at night.
  • My favorite remedy for POSION IVY


  • Can be used for dry barking cough
  • I use this remedy in practice for croup cases