About Dr. Lindsey Wells, ND

Dr. Lindsey Wells

Dr. Lindsey Wells is a naturopathic physician in Wilton, CT. She works at New England Center for Health.

Dr. Wells has focused her practice on integrative care for PANS/PANDAS, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-Infections, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and various chronic illnesses.

She uses therapies including botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, nutrition, counseling, and water therapy.

This model of care addresses biochemical, nutritional, and energetic needs of each patient to improve overall health.

She believes that a child will thrive emotionally, physically, and academically if the family members are also thriving in all aspects of their health. When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected, which is why everyone involved should receive support. This is the fundamental basis for why Dr. Wells entered the medical profession, which was to keep families together.

She truly believes that treating children and their families with naturopathic medicine leads to healthier individuals and stronger family units.

In addition, Dr. Wells is the President of the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association (CNPA). As President of the CNPA, her effort is focused on expanding the scope of practice of Naturopathic Doctors in CT to include prescriptive authority and to cultivate a stronger naturopathic community in the state.

Dr. Lindsey Wells
Dr. Lindsey Wells and her dog

Also, Dr. Wells is a Fellow with the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs. She frequently lectures on PANS/PANDAS and ASD to both professional and parent organizations, and is the author of the children’s book, Super Sam and the Battle Against PANS/PANDAS. In 2016, Dr. Wells was recognized as “Young Influencer in Naturopathic Medicine” by the AANMC.

Dr. Wells is a dog lover that spends most of her free time hiking and exploring the wilderness with her husband, son, and her pup, Ed. If you visit the office, you will likely meet Ed who provides emotional support to the children and adults.

Dr. Wells also enjoys traveling to National Parks and aspires to visit all 58 located in the United States.

Dr. Wells is a Lecturer and Member at:

Success Stories

“We wholeheartedly recommend Dr Wells as a trusted, caring and experienced naturopathic Doctor. She takes the time to listen to you and your child and guides you throughout the entire treatment and recovery in a way that makes a potentially complicated process so much easier. Our daughter suffered an illness that impacted our entire family. Dr Wells has been incredibly supportive for all of us and she gained trust from our daughter early on which has been an integral part in her successful recovery. You don’t expect it but your office visits actually become an exciting, joyous occasion!”

– Mother of 9 y/o with PANS

“Our family spent years trying to manage challenging and seemingly isolated symptoms and had various Dr’s and specialists assure us that nothing was wrong with our daughter and then thankfully, we found Dr Wells who has been such a blessing in our lives. Dr Wells not only found the root cause of our daughter’s illness, but she partnered with us in a way that lifted the challenges of dealing with a system that just wasn’t working with us and as a parent, this was huge. She cared for our daughter with thoughtfulness, compassion and showed incredible insight throughout her recovery. We are so grateful for Dr Wells.”

– Mother of 13 y/o with Lyme Disease

“Dr Lindsey Wells is an amazing naturopathic doctor, and part of wonderful comprehensive team that supports some of the most challenging pediatric medical cases. After seeing so many specialists over the years without any long-term success we made the choice to drive out of state to her practice. We are at just over 1 year of care now and my son has not only stopped digressing but has made HUGE strides in long term recovery. On top of the comprehensive care my son has been getting there, the team has always been mindful of our family finances. Beyond grateful for their support and care!! It has changed our whole family!”

– Mother of 9 y/o with PANS

“We brought our son to see Dr. Lindsey after seeing her and Dr. O’Hara present at a workshop. He had been diagnosed with autism at age 10. He was then 15. We had tried many other doctors, treatments and nothing had really healed him. At this point, he was hitting his head against the wall and we had to put him in a “special school.” We were impressed with how thorough Dr. Lindsey was and we were given a list of supplements to start him on. Within months, our son began to heal. He has emerged as a happy, engaged, social young man. It really is a miracle. He needs to catch up socially but he has time. I cannot recommend Dr. Lindsey enough. We drive 3 hours to see her and it has saved our son’s life. He is now 17. I know, as a parent how hard it is but don’t give up.”

– Mother of 17 y/o with ASD

“I feel very fortunate that my son and I are able to receive care from Dr. Lindsey Wells. My son has ASD and we would like to have another child. Dr. Wells has been helping us recover our son and improving my health for having a second child. She always takes the time to understand what we are experiencing and treats the cause of the issue rather than just focusing on the symptoms. Dr. Wells is unique in that she is never frugal about the time she spends with her patients. She will take the extra time to explain the science behind what is driving our issues and how her recommended treatment will help. She responds to email concerns and clarifications with expediency and never makes us feel rushed during an appointment. Most importantly Dr. Wells is a strong cheer leader and support for my family, always congratulating us on progress and gently guiding us in areas where we need to pay more attention. My son has progressed by leaps and bounds since receiving treatment from Dr. Wells. His verbal skills have skyrocketed, his digestive issues have improved and his behavioral issues have calmed. The improvement in my digestive issues is just the cherry on top. We are thrilled to be able to have access to such a wonderful physician.”

– Mother of 4 y/o with ASD

“Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing insight and guidance my son. I totally admire the way you understand, listen and collaborate the game plan with him and he truly feels that. My son (and us) have total faith in your guidance and your kind spirit to him. Grateful, beyond words that I can type.”

– Mother of 22 y/o with ASD

“Dr. Wells is an absolutely incredible doctor. So thankful for how much she is helping our son.”

– Mother of child with ASD

“There was stuff going on inside my kid’s body that no pediatrician I saw was looking at or doing bloodwork for. It turns out she really couldn’t control all those impulses and anger inside. Today I truly have a different kid than I did a year ago. She is the person I knew was there all along – kind, patient, loving, funny. We are now able to do almost anything we want as a family without worrying about a meltdown or over stimulation. We have our life back and I am so grateful for Dr. Wells.”

– Mother of child with PANS

“This winter season was so good, I never once had to give them ANY asthma meds even when they were sick! I can’t tell you how incredible that is, such a huge change! I’m just so amazed at where they’ve come from just two years ago when they were a mess. We owe it all to you! I’m grateful to you for what you’ve done for them truly can’t tell you enough.”

– Mother of 9 y/o and 7 y/o with Asthma

“We are pleased to recommend Dr. Wells to other parents and patients. With a lifelong health issue, continuity of care and compassion for the patient are very important. The transition from Dr. O’Hara to Dr. Wells was seamless as was our earlier transition from Dr. Baker to Dr. O’Hara. All three doctors always show real concern for the patient as an individual and use their expertise as a caring partner to both the patient and parents.”

– Parents of 27 y/o with ASD

“My son has been a patient of Dr. O’Hara since 2001. She was the ONLY doctor that I trusted with his care. He made tremendous strides with Dr. O’Hara and we couldn’t imagine that any other professional could be as good. I wasn’t sleeping at nights because I was so worried about the transition. Then we had our first appointment with Dr. Wells and my mind was immediately put at ease. Dr. Wells was so caring and so professional and spent so much time getting to know our son BEFORE we even came to our appointment! Dr. O’Hara spent a great deal of time trying to find the perfect fit for her practice and she definitely did with Dr. Wells! I am forever grateful to Dr. O’Hara for all that she has done for our son and I am tremendously grateful that Dr. Wells is part of our son’s adult care. She is a gifted physician that understands all aspects of our son’s recovery. It was such a relief to know that he’s in such great hands with Dr. Wells! She’s kind, caring and so compassionate. Our son continues to make great progress and we just couldn’t be happier with his care.”

– Mother of 25 y/o with ASD

“My daughter has recently transitioned to Dr. Lindsey Wells after being a long-term patient of Dr. Nancy O’Hara’s. Dr. Wells’ care for us truly picked up right where we left off with Dr. O’Hara. She did a great job getting to know my daughter’s care plan before our first consult and has not only followed through with the care we had been receiving but has brought several new ideas forward. Dr. Wells is organized, thoughtful and provides wonderful summaries of our consults with clear action plans. She is a pleasure to work with and I am excited about our daughter’s care from her moving forward as an adult.”

– Mother of 22 y/o with ASD

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