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Sam loves his brother, but lately Dylan has been acting strangely. What’s going on?

With his family and the help of Dr. Sidney and Dogtor Ed, Sam learns all about the medical condition behind Dylan’s mysterious behaviors and how he can be a hero in helping him battle it.

Both informative and inspiring, Super Sam and the Battle against PANS/PANDAS tells the story of a sibling’s experience with PANS/PANDAS and uncovers all the ways the entire family, while different now, is still super.

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Praise for Super Sam

“Talia, my 11 year old daughter, loves Super Sam and the Battle against PANS/PANDAS. She knows a lot about PANS/PANDAS because of the work I do and she feels Dr. Wells presents a ton of great information in a format that’s easily accessible to children. She’s used to the mystery and confusion of PANS/PANDAS and feels this book is an important resource for every family dealing with it. I agree. Dr. Wells presents critically important information in a way that both children and adults can develop a deeper understanding of what is going on when a family member is experiencing PANS/PANDAS and what steps they can take to ease their healing journey. This is highly recommended, really mandatory, reading for children, parents and even healthcare professionals working with children with PANS/PANDAS.” -Tom Moorcroft, DO

“Dr. Wells is not only an amazing colleague, clinician and friend, she is a tremendous advocate for families with PANS/PANDAS and other chronic illnesses. Through this book and her daily clinical practice, she helps families to navigate the overwhelming stress that this disease can cause. This is a terrific book for families who know someone with PANS/PANDAS, who are dealing with it themselves or who just want to read a good story about Super Sam, his family’s journey to Dogtor Ed and learning about the effects of PANS/PANDAS.” -Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH

“Dr. Wells uses the story of Sam and Dylan to help illustrate and educate families about PANS, which has become increasingly more common in our society. I highly recommend this book to any family that has struggled to understand what happens to their child when the immune system goes awry and causes this unexpected illness. This is a great resource to share with other family members, siblings and friends to help raise their awareness about PANS and how to better interact with your child while they are undergoing treatment.” -Darin Ingels, ND, FAAEM, FMAPS

“Lindsey recently sent me a copy of her charming and informative new book Super Sam! and the Battle Against PANS and PANDAS written to help doctors help parents and children navigate a medical landscape that is part of a bigger world of autoimmune disease. Kids will relate to the flashy characters, Sam and Dylan and families will appreciate the emotional intelligence that Dr. Wells brings to kids and families facing this serious, confusing, and frightening syndrome. The characters of Dogtor Ed and Dr. Sidney again bring humor, empathy, and humanity to the chaotic first stages of finding care and compassion and eventually treatment. I highly recommend this book to patients, families, and healthcare providers. PANS and PANDAS are part of a much bigger landscape of chronic illness.” – Sidney Baker, MD

“As a pediatrician who has taken care of many kids with PANS & PANDAS, I am so glad to have this book available for my patients and their families. Dr. Wells has done a wonderful job explaining the symptoms and treatments for PANS/PANDAS in ways kids can understand. Perhaps even more importantly, she validates the feelings of siblings who may have difficulty dealing with the sudden onset of OCD, tics or anxiety in their brother or sister.  PANS/PANDAS affects the whole family and Dr. Wells outlines ways to cope and move forward.  Bravo!” – Liz Mumper, MD

“What a fantastic book to help explain many of the concerns with Pediatric Neuropsychiatric conditions. This is a very common issue when caring for children, especially those with an altered immune system or infections that trigger these emotional outbursts. This book that Dr. Wells wrote is composed beautifully and allows for kids and adults to grasp a better understanding of the pitfalls that narrow minded practitioners fall into when trying to help kids and adults with some tics, manic phases, depression, anger, paranoia, or ill feelings within. Thank you, Dr Wells, for an excellent informative reading tool to help our kids and families” – David Dornfeld, DO FP

“Dr. Wells is not only an amazing doctor, but she is an outstanding human being. She has shown my son and myself such compassion, kindness and care as she helps us to navigate this extremely difficult condition. This book is wonderful and I only wish I had it to read to my son when he was first diagnosed at 9 years old to help him better understand what was happening in his body. If a child you love has PANS/PANDAS this is a great book to read to them or their siblings, and even the adults and teachers in their life to promote a better understanding of this very complex and misunderstood condition. May God bless you on your journey and may you find the strength and perseverance you need to keep battling!” – 5-star Amazon Review

“My son has had PANDAS for several years. I thought it was informative and a good tool to use when explaining the condition to younger children.” – 5-star Amazon Review

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