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You suspect your child has PANS or PANDAS: Now what?

This online course teaches you how to identify if PANS/PANDAS is at play for your child and how to achieve an accurate diagnosis & effective treatment faster so your child can live as their care-free self again.

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PANS - Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome

PANDAS - Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus

Does this sound familiar? It’s like overnight, your child is not the child you once knew.

worried mother and daughter
  • They developed intense worry or angst, and intrusive thoughts about things that never seemed to phase them before
  • Their mood shifted from care-free to anxious, edgy or irritable
  • Eating and sleeping issues arose, what seems like, out of nowhere
  • Tics (jerky movements) or trouble with writing & fine motor skill emerged
  • It seems they can’t think and process with the clarity they once could

If so, you’re not making this up. You’re Not Crazy! A simple diagnosis of ‘anxiety’ or ‘OCD’ does NOT address the issue at play for your child

This is a classic presentation of PANS or PANDAS – there is a physiological process at play! Appropriate treatment is required to see improvements.

The problem is PANS/PANDAS has historically been poorly understood in the medical community

With a lack of familiarity, it is often mis-diagnosed or even undiagnosed.

  • You’re left feeling dismissed
  • Your child is left without effective, timely treatment - SSRIs & antipsychotics don’t cut it
  • Your family experiences the stress & confusion of what feels like unpredictable flares
  • Accessing care from a PANS/PANDAS specialist can take months just to get started

But worst of all, you’re left watching your child’s suffering without the answers & support they need!

parent hugging child


Sadly, even if your child is accurately diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS in a timely way, it can feel nearly impossible to obtain consistent, effective treatment over time

You & your child need clear answers to your questions…

  • Is PANS/PANDAS at play for my child?
  • What does effective treatment look like?
  • Can I effectively treat my child without antibiotics, SSRIs or antipsychotics?
  • How do I anticipate & manage flares?
  • Will this get better?

PANS/PANDAS Power is an online course that teaches how to recognize, test and effectively manage PANS/PANDAS

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What you get inside PANS/PANDAS Power:



  • Overview, diagnosis, pathogenesis, and how it plays out over time
  • Overview on treatment approach - The three key components

Tx ONE: Antimicrobials

  • Importance of prophylactic antimicrobial treatment
  • Common Antibiotic treatment options
  • Herbal treatments based on infecting germ

Tx TWO: Immunomodulatory Support

  • What are the available interventions in the literature
  • Other supports - NSAIDS, Helminth therapy, Natural Anti-inflammatories

Tx THREE: Symptom Support

  • Symptoms Overview, Including OCD, Tics, anxiety, food restriction, sleep disturbances, ADHD, anger/rage, dysautonomia
  • Natural support to manage these symptoms so your child can get relief!

How to Manage Flares

  • What are the triggers for flares
  • What are the tools applicable to trigger the child is reacting to

Parent Support

  • Recognizing the realities of care-giver burden
  • Practical practices and supports that can keep you at your best

How it’s Delivered

All of this found inside your PANS/PANDAS Power Course Hub and is delivered to you through:

1. Video Lessons

With time-stamped topics & captions so you can follow along with volume on or off, and navigate with ease. You have the flexibility to move through at the pace that is right for you – and access what you need, when you need it.

2. Key Tools & Resources

These are resources you can complete for your understanding and to assist in conveying your child’s history & symptoms to their care team.

Resources Include…

  • PANS/PANDAS Diagnosis Checklist
  • Infection History Checklist
  • Laboratory Testing Guide
  • General Dosing of Natural Treatments in PANS/PANDAS

Accessing the information & resources you need is as easy as that

You know your child best. In PANS/PANDAS there is a physiological process causing symptoms. When identified and addressed, symptoms improve.

This course gives you the understanding & resources to confidently understand treatment options and advocate in your child’s care.

All you have to do is…


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$2000+ in Naturopathic visit hours
Time to accurate diagnosis & effective treatment outcomes
Proactive laboratory assessment
Ability to get the most out of your medical visits
But greatest of all, peace of mind & quality time with your child and your family

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But that’s not all…

Because I want to make this journey just a little easier for you, I’m gifting you a few gems my clients love

lab testing

BONUS ONE: Access to Essential Laboratory Testing Faster | Self-Ordered Online

Save precious time by getting answers faster. When you order the laboratory tests outlined in your Laboratory Testing Guide, you’re able to come to your doctor’s appointments equipped with valuable information that will help you move forward with effective, individualized treatment… faster! That’s PANS/PANDAS Power 💪

BONUS TWO: Resources Guide | Dr Wells' Curated Compilation

Quality information you can trust can be hard to find. That’s why I’ve put together this curated compilation just for you. So you can cut through the noise and easily access pre-approved resources you can turn to when you’re needing more information or support.

doctor using laptop

parents and children

BONUS THREE: Self-care for Caregivers | Practical strategies to equip yourself while supporting your child

We want the very best for our children. While at times that means sacrifice, it also means equipping ourselves, as parents & caregivers. Self-care for Caregivers offers you simple, but powerful strategies that help you BE and FEEL your best while navigating this PANS/PANDAS journey.

BONUS FOUR: Parents Guide: How to get your kids to take Supplements & Medications

We’ve all been there! And there are some tried and true tips and tricks that don’t involve bribing, coaxing or tears that I have to share with you. I’ve compiled these for you from my own experience and the experience of the 100s of families I’ve supported. PANS/PANDAS aside, this is a resource that serves all parents!


At the end of this course you will know

  • If PANS/PANDAS is at play for your child
  • How to bring it up with your doctor
  • How to advocate for your child’s needs with confidence
  • What both conventional and natural treatment looks like
  • Why you take these treatment steps

More importantly, you will see how there is hope that things will get better, that your child will get the support they need, that your concerns are understood and able to be addressed so that you won’t have to watch you child suffer like this


Dr. Lindsey Wells

PANS/PANDAS Power was created by Dr. Lindsey Wells; Naturopathic Physician in Wilton, CT, Fellow with the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs and sought after speaker on PANS/PANDAS and ASD for both professional and parent organizations. Dr Wells, authored the children’s book, Super Sam and the Battle Against PANS/PANDAS.

Dr Wells has become known for her expertise in treating PANS/PANDAS. Particularly for using natural treatments to reduce or eliminate reliance on prescription medication. Beyond supporting the affected child, Dr Wells is dedicated to helping each member of the family unit thrive. This approach stems from her deeply held belief: a child will thrive emotionally, physically, and academically if the family members are also thriving in all aspects of their health.

When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected, which is why everyone involved should receive support. This is the fundamental basis for why Dr. Wells entered the medical profession. Dr Wells is on a mission to put an end to the frustration & devastation for families affected by PANS/PANDAs, and provide clear, actionable information surrounding diagnosis, access to care and understanding treatment options for these children and their families.

I know how challenging and lonely this journey can be! You know your child best & it is important that you listen to your parental instinct. I created PANS/PANDAS Power to equip you with the information and support your child and your family deserve.

Dr. Lindsey Wells



When you enroll in PANS/PANDAS Power, you get access to your course hub where you can access your training and resources all in one spot.

You get on-going access to PANS/PANDAS Power for the lifetime of this course. And, you’re welcome to download the key resources we provide to you for your reference.

This course is for you if…

  • You noticed an abrupt change in your child, which may include anxiety, OCD, tics, food restriction, or sleep disturbances
  • You’re not getting the answers or support you and your child need
  • You know in your gut that a simple diagnosis of anxiety or OCD isn’t it; something is just not right with your child
  • Your child is suffering, and as a result the whole family is suffering
  • You desperately want information that can help you support your child now, as you seek an accurate diagnosis
  • You’re seeking to reduce or eliminate the need for prescription medications
  • You’re unable to access antibiotic treatment and need to understand natural antimicrobial treatment options
  • Confidence in managing flares would dramatically reduce anxiety for the whole family
  • You can’t tolerate the thought of resigning to the way it is, but the journey is feeling hopeless, and you need help now
  • You’re satisfied with treatment options that have been provided for your child
  • The idea that the physiology of the body affects the brain is absurd to you
  • You see mental illness purely as a neurochemical imbalance
  • Confident in the diagnosis of their child and are seeing good results from treatment they're receiving
  • You expect this course to replace consultation with a healthcare provider by offering…
    • Comprehensive assessment of your child
    • A specific treatment plan that will address the individual needs of your child

PANS/PANDAS Power course provides the information and resources you need to gain accurate diagnosis, faster access to important laboratory testing, an understanding of effective treatment options, both natural and conventional and most importantly, it helps you achieve outcomes… faster!

It does not replace consultation with a healthcare provider, provide comprehensive assessment of your child, nor does it provide a specific treatment plan to address the individual needs of your child.

Purchase of PANS/PANDAS Power course is non-refundable.

If you would like to learn more about the ways you can access support or resources from Dr Lindsey Wells, CLICK HERE. For technical support please contact us at

This is just a chapter, it’s not your child’s whole story.

Help is available